An Update On A-Town Boyz, A Film About Atlanta’s Underground Culture Of Asian-American Gangs

my latest publication on A-Town Boyz

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Where We’re At

Since 2012, I’ve been producing a documentary (approx. 90 minutes) that features Asian-American gang men of Atlanta, GA entitled A-Town Boyz. Ever since we shared that the film’s been in production, we received an outpour of support and encouragement from people everywhere. The film’s been in development since late 2011, and we’re now in post-production looking at festival release within the year. Can ya dig it?!

What the Movie is About

A-Town Boyz accesses the underground culture of Asian-American gangs that mainstream viewers haven’t seen before. We document young men who have been touched by gang life, as well as their family members. The film delves into the socioeconomic motives behind young Asian American men joining gangs, where they are now and what they are doing to improve their circumstances. We interview community members to gain further insight into why Asian American stories need proper…

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