February 2020 Shows & Tour Dates 🥳

2/2/20 A Simple Show / A Simple Bar / 8pm

2/3/20 Lovers & Losers Show / Birds & Bees 8pm

2/4/20 Flappers Comedy Club 7:30pm

2/6/20 Stacks Comedy / Sideshow Books 8pm

2/7/20 Skiptown Playhouse 8pm

2/10/20 Sal’s Comedy Hole 8pm

2/14/20 – 2/15/20 Fayetteville, Arkansas (details TBA)

2/17/20 Birds & Bees 9pm

2/21/20: Pajama Jam at Mutiny Radio 8pm (San Francisco)

2/21/20: Copyright 9:45pm (San Francisco)

2/22/20 Funny Immigrants Comedy Show at Manny’s. 8pm (San Francisco)


Neck of the Woods 8:30pm (San Francisco)

2/24/20 Rasselbock 8pm

2/27/20 Motorboatin’ Comedy / Art Bar LA 8pm

2/28/20 Metro Token Comedy / The Clubhouse 7pm


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