Yi Sang’s Construct in Language and Space
Published 2010, Acta Koreana

This piece translates three Yi Sang poems and interprets his architectural intention in a physical form. It is experimental and academic. Co-written by Evan Hall, a Fulbright fellow and architect.

What is Modern Korean Literature?
Published 2010, The Fulbright Review

This is a short comparative essay on colonial Korean literature which I researched in Seoul as a Fulbright scholar in 2009-2010 at Yonsei University.

This is a video of the Fulbright Forum presentation I gave back in 2010 shortly before I left Seoul to make my return to New York. It covers modern Korean literature, poetry and hybrid literature that fuses languages that our contemporary writers are trying out today. It also discusses the concept of plurality in individuals. The presentation that goes with the video is here: “Cacophony of Voices”: Rethinking the Ideal of Cultural Unity 

Fusion of Art and Literature: Calvin and Hobbes in Postmodern Form

2009, Pace University, Pforzheimer’s Honors College

This was my honor’s thesis written during my senior year as an undergrad. It was the most fun I had writing a paper. It analyzes Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes in literary and philosophical interpretations.



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