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Bumblebee English Comedy Show at 800A berlin 🖤🐝💛

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September greets! with shows in Berlin

Sept 1: Adorable Idiots/Z-Bar

Dead End Comedy/800A

Sept 2: Laughing Spree/The Floating Lounge

Sept 3: WOKE Panties/be’kech

Sept 4: Kunstler Kunstlerin/Poropati

Sept 5: Projectile!/Comedy Cafe Berlin

Cosmic Comedy Berlin

Sept 6: English Stand-up in Wedding/800A

On Fire!/Brauhaus Neulich

Sept 7: Cosmic Comedy Berlin Showcase


more upcoming show dates in berlin 🦇

aug 8: süss war gestern/crazy stupid berlin

aug 9: la minga/frickin’ comedy show

aug 10: comedy cafe berlin/10pm show

aug 11: 800A/dead end comedy

aug 12: cosmic comedy berlin

aug 13: kiki sol/the nose

aug 14: joke time/comedy cafe berlin

aug 15: space medusa/salon comedy hour

aug 16: wowsville/revolver

aug 17: cosmic comedy berlin (15 mins/headlining)