Advantages of Being an Asian-American Woman in Art & Entertainment
Published 2015, The Korea Times

The Slants: US Band Battles Structural Racism in the Legal System
ublished 2015, Warscapes

Of Inherent Value: Viv Albertine
ublished 2015, Literary Mothers

The Dichotomous Spirit in Viv Albertine’s Clothes Clothes Clothes, Music Music Music, Boys Boys Boys
Published 2015, Weird Sister Magazine
Book Review and Interview

Chronicles of a Teenage Runaway in MariNaomi’s Graphic Memoir: Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories
Published 2015, Warscapes
Book Review and Interview

An Update on A-Town Boyz, a Film About Atlanta’s Underground Culture of Asian-American Gangs
Published 2015, Thought Catalog

The Psychological Benefits of Reinstating Buddhism Back in South Koreans’ Lives
Published 2014, Warscapes

My Demands of the US Literary Market
Published 2014, Warscapes

A Film about Asian American Gangsters of Atlanta
Published 2013, Thought Catalog


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