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my plan for the next four years

when Barack Obama became President of the US in 2008, I was looking at my final year as a college student. I had been plagued all through my middle and high school years by the Bush administration, with adults all around me saying how concerned they were for the future of my generation. So the night they announced Barack Obama’s win, I remember bawling my eyes out. Part of it was from the relief of being in the hands of such ignorance for so many years. The other part was witnessing an American of color become President of the US. Another part was seeing the Democratic party regain control.

I didn’t cry back in November 2016. I was too shocked and numb to feel anything. I wasn’t accepting it as a reality.

But as I read Obama’s thank you/farewell letter to us this evening I found myself crying. I feel like I’m being left behind with an evil step parent or something.

I’m now back in graduate school, and will be here for another 4 years. This afternoon, UCLA was planning a walkout at noon but I chose to stay in class because my job as a citizen is to grow the mind and soul right now to fight ignorance that is sitting in the White House as of today.

Trump is going to cut funding for education, humanities and the arts–all of which I have dedicated myself to completely. 

I think about the conditions I was in when I created my projects in the past: zero budget, working 7 days a week taking less than minimum wage at three different jobs. I’m just not going to let Trump’s terrorization stop me from continuing my projects.

My plan over the next four years is to complete my film projects, my painting project, develop my second novel, and write my doctorate dissertation.

No administration, no matter how ghastly or awful, can stop my creative process. I hope all of my fellow intellectuals and artists trust their own capabilities and gifts as well. Don’t let this administration scare you or get you down. We thrive in the shittiest of conditions.