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The Future of Silence: Fiction by Korean Women

Folks–The Future of Silence: Fiction by Korean Women is now out on Amazon!

I did the cover art for the book. It’s an acrylic painting. I’m quite proud of it.

It’s the dream I had just prior to moving to LA from New York. It’s a good dream. I’m willing to sell both the dream and the painting for $54K.

Please do read the book. The collection includes modern Korean authors’ short stories–all written by women–ranging from decades ago to most recent years. The amount of talent contained in this book is astounding.

The book was translated and edited by my friends/mentors Bruce and Chan Fulton. They are really quite something.

I’ll be posting an interview I did with them soon. Stay tuned.



hit Korean graphic novel MOSS by Yoon Tae-ho is finally available in English translation

Yoon Tae-ho is the artist/author of hit webtoons “Moss,” “Misaeng,” and “The Insiders.” All of them have either been turned into a film or a TV series.

But comics are meant to first be experienced as a comic. Now available in English translation thanks to master Korean translators Bruce and Ju-chan Fulton, MOSS is now available for free on >>The Huffington Post<< via Spottoon.

Check it out!

MOSS – Created by Yoon Tae-ho
Translated by Bruce and Ju-chan Fulton