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my hood in Seoul: Buamdong (부암동)






Buamdong is a quaint town in Seoul. It’s in the Jongno-gu area and full of hiking areas and some historic landmarks like walls that were built to keep invaders out. It’s full of small cafes, little bars, and the Kim Whanki Museum. It’s my favorite neighborhood in Seoul and I miss it all the time.

These photos were taken on a disposable Kodak color film camera. Spring 2010.

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me & my grandmother in Korea’s countryside pt. II





The cows in Hapcheon moo constantly. When I complained about their mooing, my grandmother promptly said that cows have a right to sing, too, and she is quite right.

That blue gate is very memorable to me. After I left Korea for the states, all I ever did was think about those blue gates. Whenever I got lost as a child in the village (impossible to get lost in bc it’s so tiny), I always knew my way back home bc of those gates.

My grandmother used to take me into the greenhouse when I was very little. To this day, the smell inside of a greenhouse makes me tearful and nostalgic. The greenhouse she took me to were filled with strawberries, cucumbers and tomatoes. Even the shape of a greenhouse’s hull (the plastic covering is removed in the one here) fills me with longing for that past.